A Day in the life of a Blogger

Well, not really, a day in my life is usually too mind-alteringly dull to even think of writing about – unless you have an obsession with dirty clothes and teenage tantrums.

No, this was a special day because I was lucky enough to be part of a meet up of beauty bloggers at the #northernbloggermeetup, along with my good friend Kat from thekatspaws.com (check her out, she’s fab).

I arrived at Kat’s to be greeted by 50 carrier bag sized goodie bags absolutely crammed with stuff lined up on the pavement,  only problem is, I have a very small car boot! After a valiant effort by Kat’s dad we managed to cram everything in and we set off to Sheffield with a stern warning “not to brake too hard”!

Things went swimmingly until I got to the centre of Sheffield – even with sat nav I managed to get lost (this always happens when Kat’s in the car with me, she’s a jinx). Anyway, a bus lane violation and running a red light later we managed to find the restaurant we were looking for. I put the hazards on as it was double yellows and two feckless waiters went about informing me to “watch out for the warden as it’s no loading” without actually lifting a finger to help. Yeah, cheers for that you lazy shits!

Bags finally unloaded and car safely parked, the day began. Various  ladies arrived until there was a nice little crowd -everyone (except me) seemed so young! Two lovely members of staff from Lush came over and gave a very interesting talk and gave us a goody bag each with full sized bath bomb, eye cream and shampoo! Then came Benefit and two very glam, enthusiastic (almost evangelical!)ladies who, after almost an hour trying to set up the laptop, extolled the benefits of their company (see what I did there?)gave Kat a makeover and gave us a goody bag each with a much-coveted, full-sized mascara and eyeliner!

I have to be honest and say that the day wasn’t particularly well-organised, none of us seemed to know what was happening and I think we were all guilty of expecting someone else to know what to do next but it was our first stab at it and it was great to meet some lovely people. On the plus side, it’s certainly given me some ideas imageon how to improve for the next meet up which is going to be held in the Midlands in January – just watch this space and look forward to a super-slick experience!









The goody bags were unreal- so much stuff! I am going to be everyone’s favourite friend/sister/aunty for a while!

They also contained a whole host of things including dozens of feminine hygiene products which, for this menopausal momma are as much use as a chocolate teapot, tampon anyone?




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