Im a bit rubbish….

imageAt this blogging lark. I have a spurt and write every day and then abandon the blog like an unwanted piece of clothing.

I suppose the difficult thing about blogging for me is that I can’t get my head around the fact that anyone, let alone strangers, actually want to read my musings. But – and this is true – I have been asked why I’m not writing so much. Wow.

I had a column on a very popular food site (check out -its fab)but my writing was so sporadic that it just petered out and I let them down.

I suppose it’s a vanity thing too – I like feedback and interaction which is why I adore Facebook. The fact that I very rarely get any from the blogosphere is the main reason I am so unattached.

I could resolve to write something every day but it would be a false promise. It will continue to be feast or famine, all or nothing, because that’s the type of girl I am!


About beebeejeebee

Just an ordinary working mum with a lot to say

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  1. knitstostaysane

    Blogging to what seems like just yourself can be a bit lonely. But I enjoy reading what you’ve written!

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