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If you or anyone close to you needs an insight into depression – watch this

imageThis is an amazingly simple yet powerful little clip which made me cry when I watched it because if you substitute the dog for a dragon, that’s exactly how my life feels when I’m battling my depression.


A New Arse

ImageNew Year, New Arse, that’s my resolution. I’m getting myself a new arse. It’s going to be pert and cute instead of gross and misshapen as it is at present. My new cheeks will be cuppable in an average-sized hand instead of an average sized shopping trolley.

I am going to get this new arse by totally natural methods and it will be attached to a slim waist and a flat stomach


There, I’ve said it, I’ve put it out there for the world (well, ok, you handful of readers) to see. It’s not a NY resolution because I always break those, it’s a promise to myself as I hurtle towards 50 that I’m going to have an arse that isn’t melded onto my legs via huge saddle bags. Because I’m worth it!

Watch this arse/space…..

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