STOP PRESS – Edible Airline Food!

Well I’m back from my Mexican adventure with plenty of tales to tell but first of all I need to reassure you that yes, you read the title correctly; I am indeed praising airline food!

Airline food, in my experience, is usually an abomination. It looks and tastes like school dinners from the 1970s. The old adage often heard “Chicken or Beef” was laughable as I could have been eating raccoon or cotton wool and I wouldn’t have been able to tell!

Well, as far as Thomas Cook Airways is concerned, things have changed drastically and it’s all down to one man:

Step forward James Martin, celebrity chef and hopefully the next Mr Bee…….

Now I have to admit that I certainly wouldn’t kick James out of bed for eating biscuits, if you know what I mean, but he has now been elevated to God-like status after my culinary experience during my flight to Mexico.

The food looked and tasted as it should! The chicken was tender and succulent, the vegetables nicely al dente, the flavours of the cheesecake were easily discernible and the compote accompanying the cheese and biscuits was just heavenly.

image image

Well done Thomas Cook for treating your passengers like human beings and realising that one shouldn’t have to sit in Upper Class to be given edible food. It was my first flight with your airline but definitely not my last.

Oh and James, I’ve a packet of Digestives with your name on it……



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