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We are family…

Been out for a lovely Indian meal tonight with two of my sisters – BlondieBee and FunnyBee – and two of their lovely children, my niece – ImpossiblyGorgeousBee and my nephew AmazinglyAwesomeBee (yes, I am a very proud Aunty!)

We don’t get together as often as we should but when we do I always have the best time. They are without doubt my best friends and I feel blessed to have them.

But this wasn’t always the case though, oh no, I spent a large part of my childhood hating the very air that they breathed. Mornings usually started with a fist fight and a few death threats with a break for school and then our mutual loathing could carry on until we were sent to bed by frazzled parents who’d seen enough hair-pulling and scratching for that day.

We are very close in age with only three years separating the three of us so teenage years were particularly interesting with three pubescent girls fighting over clothes, boys or anything else that came to mind!

Our little sister BabyBee is nine years younger than me so she was spared the violence and hatred but surprisingly I’m not as close to her – maybe if I’d beaten her up a bit more we’d have a better relationship as adults??

I don’t know if its the same with your family but mine can insult me and take the mick all night long and I still leave with a smile on my face -as was the case tonight….

I forced myself to go tonight even though I’m really not well( been back to see the doc today and the chest infection is actually pneumonia) because my niece is home from Uni and I didn’t want to cancel because we haven’t seen each other much lately (bloody life, it always gets in the way doesn’t it?)

Did I get any sympathy? Did I buggery!! FunnyBee is the worst, she works in the medical profession but has absolutely no truck with illness. If you ever have to rely on her for sympathy you’d better hope to Christ you’ve got at least 3 limbs missing or else she’ll just roll her eyes and tut at you. BlondieBee is a little more sympathetic until she gangs up with Funny then she’s just as bad!!

I had a particularly bad coughing fit thanks to FunnyBee, she was telling a story about how she feared she was going to be gang-raped by a trio of senior citizens which made me laugh (then cough) so hard I thought I was going to collapse or wee myself or both.

At the end of the meal, the pair of them then proceeded to rip the piss out of me because I asked for a doggy bag and started gathering up stray grains of rice from the table and asking if I wanted to take them home with me – our sense of humour hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years or so!

Talk then turned to this blog which they found absolutely hilarious – not the blog, just the fact I’m writing one. I mean how can their big sister possibly have anything remotely interesting to say??

I bet my niece is so glad she’s an only child!!

Well, if they can ever be arsed to look it up, which I doubt they will (BlondieBee is such a technophobe she thinks Facebook is something you do if you stand in a library and FunnyBee is far too busy saving lives whilst tutting and rolling her eyes at poor unfortunates) they might just see another side of me and might even be a little bit proud but I don’t think that’ll happen – they are only my blood after all!

I do love you both really though, honest!!

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