Does anyone ever do anything exciting on a Bank Holiday??

Or is everyone like me – sat at home, pissed off because you believe that everyone is doing something wildly exciting? I always imagine my friends looking like the latest M&S ad, spending quality time at a fabulous picnic with their much-more-interesting-friends–than-us, whilst gazing at their perfect children running around looking edible as their significant other looks on proudly with a “so lucky she’s mine” vibe going on.

Please tell me that in reality you too are sat in your dressing gown/thread veins combo feeling as though you really ought to be doing something/going somewhere exciting but in reality just can’t be arsed….


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Posted on May 7, 2012, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Sitting at the drop-in clinic for nearly two hours and then panic when I suddenly realised I forgot to pay and display at the car park! Does it count as wildly exciting???

  2. U r not on your own there BB…although my thoughts arent with M&S more like thinking laying in the sun!! days like this cold kinda wish we had emigrated just to have warmth! Decided to while the day away by letting DD loose with a paint roller in the spare room!!! i may live to regret that decision!

  3. Michelle kellett

    I long for a day in my pjs….. But that will never happen.

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